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They say that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know! I do know that I am at the beginning of my herbal journey with botanical medicine. It began in 2017 when I attended the Traditional Roots conference in Portland, OR. I was particularly inspired by the following classes and teachers:

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Maryland University of Integrative Health


I am currently in the Masters program in Therapeutic Herbalism at MUIH. I am in the Product Development AOC which aligns with my business goals of starting this Diabetes Health company with an emphasis on Complementary & Alternative Medicine and Herbs. My studies are based in a philosophy of Western Herbal Medicine, in which the “clinical assessment is characterized by a holistic, biopsychosocial approach with treatment aimed at supporting or augmenting vis medicatrix naturae (the healing power of nature)” (Snow, 2016, p. 55). This philosophy emphasizes practices that enrich patient care in the following ways: engaging with patient narrative; practitioner collaboration; and the facilitation of patient empowerment. In engaging with the patient narrative, the practitioner takes an active listening role as they share conversation that explores the entire patient experience. The practitioner works with the patient to collaborate on diagnoses and treatment protocols. The goal of which is the patient feeling empowered in their health outcomes. These practices will strengthen the patient-provider relationship, and indeed this relationship is a concept that contributes to the working definition of Integrative Health. I carry this philosophy and these practices with me as I continue on my herbal journey.

MUIH Coursework


CourseID Course Term CourseID Course Term
MUIH 500 University Orientation Fall 2017 ISCI 610b Intro to Scientific Writing Sum 2018
MUIH 550 Academic Research & Scholarship Fall 2017 HRB 635c Field Botany for Herbalists Aut 2018
HRB 600 Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine Spr 2018 HRB 735a Clinical Theory in Practice I Aut 2018
ISCI 547a Physiology I Spr 2018 App 607 Introduction to the Healing Presence Aut 2018
ISCI 631 Intro to CIH Spr 2018 HRB 735b Clinical Theory in Practice II Spr 2019
IHED 637 Principles & Practices of Health Behavior Spr 2018 NUTR 665 Dynamics of Food & Healing Spr 2019
HRB 605 Materia Medica I Sum 2018 HRB 620a Herbal Therapeutic I Spr 2019
HRB 622 Herbal Pharmacy Sum 2018 HRB 705 Material Medica II Spr 2019
HRB 790 E-Portfolio Sum 2018 HRB 620b Herbal Therapeutics II Sum 2019
HRB 791 E*Portfolio Final Sum 2019 HRB 781 Research in Botanical Pharmacognosy Sum 2021
HRB 641 Safety of Herbal Medicine Spr 2021 NUTR 672 Mindful Eating & Nourishment Aut 2021

My Professional Goals

This website is my proof of concept for starting my own business post graduation from MUIH. As part of my herbal journey I plan to build an app that serves the Type 2 Diabetic community. I want to include services such as community forums, video education, recipes, Diabetes news, and a 10-minute a day program that helps people manage their blood glucose levels through complementary and alternative practices. I plan to work with herbalists to development and sell a line of herbal products for the Type 2 Diabetic community. I also want to provide access to certified Diabetes educators. Giving clients access to trained coaches through mobile apps has been shown to reduce A1c values, which reduces the risk of diabetes-related complications (Kumar et al, 2018). With my degrees in Information Science and Therapeutic Herbalism, I believe that I’m in a unique position to succeed. The values that I have learned at MUIH will help me on my way to making my dream come true!

Next Steps

I still have a few more trimesters at MUIH, but I plan to update my artifacts as I go and to also flesh out the areas where I am currently weak (Community and Discernment). In the spring of 2020 I’ll be taking HRB 641 on Herb Safety. I also plan to do more research in the areas of Type 2 Diabetes and herbal medicine with my internship in the summer of 2020. I also considered the feedback that I received about strong examples of each MUIH learning objectives. I have the categories ranked, but I need to figure out how WP can display the main category for each artifact.

I tried to address most of the feedback that I received from students and faculty on my site. I updated all of my paper artifacts to be in the same font and standard font size, for a more professional look. I included a definition of shrub in my brochure from HRB 622. I updated the link colors so that they map to current accessibility guidelines. All of my images have captions, but I couldn’t figure out why WP is not displaying them. I will keep working on this issues to improve readability for vision impaired clients. Finally, I updated the information about A1c in the Diabetes and CAM paper from HRB 620b.

Selected Artifacts

The artifacts below represent important milestones in my herbal journey of botanical medicine. When I began the program at MUIH my interests and studies were definitely more broad than they are now. That is reflected in the papers that I have selected which focus on larger patient topics and more general herbal medicine.

As I started to explore deeper I did a good amount of research on the topics of Rosacea and skin inflammation. However, as I have journeyed through the program and matured as an herbalist my passion for Type 2 Diabetes Research emerged. I have spent the last 6 months of my time in the program focused on supporting the health of clients with Type 2 Diabetes. The later examples that I have selected specifically serve that focus.