Quality matters when you buy herbal products

Adulteration is when poor quality products contain additional substances that they should not. Currently, adulteration is a problem in the supplements industry. It is important to find quality vendors that follow good manufacturing practices and test the quality of their products pre- and post-production.

Manufacturers and vendors do that by conducing DNA analysis to identify specific phytochemicals in the plant material and allows them to measure their potency. This can allow manufacturers and retailers to confirm that their herbal ingredients are not adulterated with unexpected ingredients and are consistent going into the manufacturing process.

Safety concerns of adulterated herbs

Currently the herbal supplements market (valued at over $7B in 2020) is dominated by sexual disfunction, weight loss, and recreational enhancement products. Most of the reported safety and adverse reaction events are found in these subdomains. And these are events are caused by adulterated products or labeling instructions and dosage amounts that consumers ignore. Halebee recommends that you work with a registered herbalist, buy from top quality growers and manufacturers, and follow all instructions on a product label.

Sustainability is crucial

Herbal ingredients should be procured from reputable sources practicing harvesting methods that follow sustainability guidelines. The American Botanical Council has program guidelines for manufacturers and harvesters to follow.

Buy herbal products from quality manufacturers and retailers

Over the years Halebee has had the pleasure of working with some fine herbal product manufacturers and vendors in the business. Whether you want to buy pre-made or the supplies to make your own, we’re sharing this list to help you find quality herbal products!

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