Welcome to Halebee’s Recipe page. We have scoured the internet for quality, nutritious diabetic friendly recipes for you to enjoy. The key approach found in these recipes is to lower the amount of carbohydrates used in cooking. You can do that by replacing the starchy foods (pasta, potatoes, rice) in recipes with alternatives with a lower glycemic index. You can also reduce the amount of sugar used in preparation.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how quickly a food can make your blood sugar (glucose) rise. Only foods that contain carbohydrates have a GI. Foods such as oils, fats, and meats do not have a GI, though in people with diabetes, they can affect the blood sugar. In general, low GI foods increase glucose slowly in your body. Foods with a high GI increase blood glucose quickly. If you have diabetes, high GI foods can make it harder to control diabetes. Learn more about the glycemic index here.

8 core recipes is all it takes

Did you know that most cooks have a core set of 8 recipes that they make frequently? Only 8 recipes! A tip for transitioning to nutritious diabetic friendly recipes, is to slowly update your core 8 recipes. You can do that by finding a new favorite recipe to add to your regular “core” meals you like to cook. You can also remake a core recipe with diabetic friendly ingredients – to keep enjoying the favorites that you love to eat.


Look through these pages to find a new recipe that you can add to go-to list. We’ve sourced these recipes from experts like the American Diabetes Association, CDC, NIH, and more. To make it easier to find & enjoy these yummy recipes we’ve organized them by meal. Bon appetite!

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