Research has shown that people with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) are likely to benefit from dietary advice if they can reduce emotional or emotionless eating. Our 4-week mindful eating program consists of remote, 60-minute group sessions conducted weekly over Zoom. During our supportive group sessions (8 people maximum enrollment), we will dive into concepts and philosophies of mindful eating with diabetes. Each week, clients will also receive handouts to help them practice the mindful eating techniques at home or on the go. You will non-judgmentally reflect on your own eating habits, complete exercises to help you deeply get in touch with your mind and body, and practice mindful eating techniques. At the end of this month-long program, clients can anticipate the following outcomes:

  1. A reduction of cortisol (the stress hormone linked to belly fat)
  2. Weight maintenance or a modest loss
  3. Reduced fasting blood glucose level

Week 1: Introduction to Mindful Eating

During the first week of the program, we will introduce the topic of mindful eating, its history in practice, and discuss some of research that has been published on its efficacy related to diabetes. The class will step through the BASICS of mindful eating and some mindful eating practices that can be practiced at home.

Week 2: What is Hunger?

The second week of the program we will learn about the 9 types of hunger and delve into the art of listening to our bodies. We’ll discuss how blood sugar homeostasis effects our feelings of cellular hunger.

Week 3: Getting to Know You

The core of week 3 is reflecting on our family histories and their effect on our personal patterns and eating behavior. We dig into the topics of stress eating and emotional eating. We will practice some exercises to help us understand our eating behavior.

Week 4: Putting It All Together

As we wrap up our final week of the program, we’ll discuss topics related to developing a healthier relationship with food. Our activities will touch on the practicalities of making room for mindful eating in our busy lives.

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Halebee’s 4-week mindful eating program is only $150! Our group classes are small, with 8 or fewer students. You can also go through the program with our 1:1 personal counseling.