Sharpen your pencil to start your basic diabetes education

Book Chapter: Herbal Medicine and Diabetes

The focus of my internship (HRB 690c) with Suzanne Tabert at Cedar Mountain Herb School was writing this book chapter on herbal medicine and diabetes. This chapter is the cornerstone of the book on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Diabetes that I am writing to publish in 2022. My target […]

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The label for Berry Balm product

Berry Balm Medicinal Shrub: a product proposal

Founded in 2018, has provided counseling, education, and support for clients living with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). As part of our growing services, we are developing new product offerings. Our newest formulation is a diabetic wellness product concept to support wellness and resilience in clients living with the […]

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A plate of words on paper

Mindfulness & T2DM Class Executive Summary

Halebee’s 4-week Mindful Eating & Diabetes program will introduce you to the practice of mindful eating. Over the course the month you will non-judgmentally reflect on your own eating habits, complete exercises to help you deeply get in touch with your mind and body, and practice mindful eating techniques. This […]

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Diabetes group classroom equipment

Diabetes Community Class Outline

One of the goals for starting my business supporting people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is to provide educational materials. Current statistics from the American Diabetes Association show that only 6% of new diagnosed diabetics take a class about their chronic illness. This document describes a Diabetes Community Class that I would […]

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Spices and Kitchen Herbs

Whitepaper: Using Kitchen Herbs to Support Wellness in T2DM

Kitchen herbs This is a white paper I wrote for HRB 620b about Using Kitchen Herbs to Support Wellness in Type 2 Diabetics. I decided to focus on 3 new promising techniques researchers are investing to improve glycemic management: (1)Bariatric Surgery (2)Intermittent fasting. (3)Herbal medicine. In this review, I provide the […]

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Diabetes Research in CAM

Review Paper: Diabetes Research in CAM

This is a review paper I wrote for HRB 620b about the latest news articles on Diabetes Research in Complementary & Alternative Medicine. I decided to focus on 3 new promising techniques researchers are investing to improve glycemic management: (1)Bariatric Surgery (2)Intermittent fasting. (3)Herbal medicine. In this review, I provide the […]

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A blank field journal

Field Journals

These are my field journals from two of my courses at MUIH: HRB 635c Field Journal, taken on my exploration of East Texas edible & medicinal plants with Mark Vodderbrugen and the Native Plant Society of Texas HRB 635a Field Journal, taken on my intensive week course in the Appalachian Mountains of Ohio […]

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Personal Health Record

Personal Health Records And Health Information Sharing Behavior

This is a literature review and research proposal I wrote for ISCI 610b on Personal Health Records and health information sharing behavior. My paper on patient-provider communication inspired me to think deeply about the artifacts created during communication. This paper is a review of the relevant literature on the topic and […]

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Communication Tools

Communication Tools

I wrote an article about provider-provider communication for ISCI 631. In this paper I introduce the topic of provider-provider communication from a western herbal medicine perspective. I define the term “placebo effect” and provide a background of how the phenomenon has been studied. Researching this paper really gave me an insiders […]

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Lavender Monograph

I produced a Lavender monograph for HRB 600. This monograph was built over 14 weeks as I learned about the history of Lavender, its phytochemical makeup, its phytotherapy potential, and preparation and dosing instructions. Another big challenge was learning where to find authoritative sources to herbal questions. This monograph also compares […]

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