T2DM Caregivers have their own challenges.

Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) affects over 37 million people in the United States, but it affects many more people than that. It affects everyone—family, friends and loved ones. A diagnosis can send an emotional shockwave through a family and have considerable implications. T2DM caregivers may feel a heavy burden as their family comes to grips with life with a chronic illness.

Helping a loved one living with T2DM requires a lot of knowledge and forethought. Studies have shown that T2DM caregiver education can significantly improve biological and behavioral self-management outcomes1.

A list of support that T2DM caregivers can provide2

  • Encourage patient to keep a daily record of their blood sugar level
  • Help patient take daily medication on time
  • Cook diabetic friendly and low-carb meals
  • Help patient create a proper meal plan
  • Drive patient to doctors appointments
  • Suggest activities that can reduce stress
  • Help patient properly care for teeth, including daily brushing
  • Properly trim toe nails weekly and look for swelling and inflammation
  • Check daily for signs of skin infection, sores, or blisters
  • Encourage patients to keep socks and shoes on feet (patients should not go barefoot)

Self-care is vital

Proper self-care is vital to caregivers, especially one help a loved one with a long-term chronic illness. Read about the importance of self-care in Halebee’s section on wellness. Be sure to prioritize your own mental health and physical well being so that you may be of service to your family and friends.

Halebee has some resources to help you succeed!


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