Each of us are on our own journeys with type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Halebee is here to provide some thoughtful guidance about how to begin yours. These pages offer some basic knowledge about common T2DM journeys to help you live your best life with a chronic illness. There are ways to connect with certified diabetes professionals, sign up for group classes, and lots of external links to qualified resources.

“Start before you’re ready.” — Steven Pressfield

Living with a chronic illness like T2DM can be overwhelming! And the internet is loaded with low quality links – just try Googling “type 2 diabetes” and you’ll understand. Here at Halebee we have pulled together authoritative resources for you, your family, and loved ones. Each of these journeys is meant to help you get started on the path to wellness. Begin by educating yourself!

Find T2DM Journeys that resonate with you

  1. Discovered you are prediabetic? This journey can help you learn how you can lower your risk for developing T2DM.
  2. Have you just been diagnosed with T2DM? Click on this journey to learn the basics about diabetes, how to talk to your doctor, and what steps to take to improve your health.
  3. Recently had to change your diabetes medication? This journey can help you understand what questions you should be asking your doctor and how to make or update your treatment plan.
  4. Caregiving to a loved one with T2DM? This journey has considerations for your think about as you provide help and guidance to others.
  5. Your T2DM Journey can take unexpected turns.This journey has resources for help you cope with diabetes complications and setbacks.