A wellness approach

Here at Halebee we believe in a philosophy of health and wellness and not diagnosis and disease. And yes, wellness and diabetes can go together! Our counselors have developed a personal approach for getting clients on the road to good health. We have also collated the latest research on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices for wellness, especially for people who are affected by prediabetes and type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Let us help you drill down to the essentials you need to live well with a chronic illness like T2DM. There are five key areas where you can make changes that can have a major impact the quality of your life and your long-term health.

  1. Integrative health care including complementary and alternative medicine
  2. Increasing your physical activity through exercise and play
  3. Learning to listen closely to your body by creating a mind-body connection
  4. Managing stress and prioritizing self-care
  5. Eating healthier to lower your blood sugar level

Navigating around your own traps

No one is going to be able to wake up tomorrow and successfully remake their health in a single day, not even Superman. Research shows that small behavioral changes (like baby steps) that you can stick with are the only way to make healthy choices permanent. Making a specific change may also require to you follow your traps back to beginning to make progress. Let’s walk through an example now.

You decide you want to stop eating fast food for lunch. It’s not as simple as preparing your lunch every morning before you start to your day. You may have to set your alarm 30 minutes early to make time to make lunch. You also need to make sure that you have healthy food available in your pantry. Taking another step back, you may need to go grocery shopping on Sundays to have food for the week. Finally, you may have to reprioritize your weekends to make time to go grocery shopping Sundays.

See how stepping back works? It can be frustrating to feel like you failing at your attempts to change. A personal counseling session with one of Halebee’s certified diabetes counselors can help you set goals, identify personal traps, and brain storm ways of moving past them.

In the meantime, learn more about the key topic areas by clicking on specially curated pages below to dive in!

Integrative Health logo
Integrative health

Integrative Health

What is integrative health? How can it help your achieve your wellness goals? Learn how to build a network of care providers.

athletic woman running
A woman runs

Movement, exercise, and play

Being active is important to maintaining your physical health and can help you lower your blood sugar level.

mind-body connection
A posed figure

Making a mind-body connection

Learning to listen to your body is an important skill for people living with T2DM. Learn about practices that can improve your mind-body connection

Sitting at sunrise

Spirituality and your health

Living with a chronic illness can take a toll on your mental health. One way to lift your mental state is to lean into spirituality.

holistic nutrition
Holistic nutrition

Holistic nutrition

Learn about the basics of low-carbohydrate eating to lower your blood sugar. Find a new diabetic-friendly recipe. Follow our nutrition blog.

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