Founded in 2018, has provided counseling, education, and support for clients living with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). As part of our growing services, we are developing new product offerings. Our newest formulation is a diabetic wellness product concept to support wellness and resilience in clients living with the neuropathy associated with T2DM. To that end, we have identified a number of goals to achieve with this formula detailed below. First and foremost, our formulation should support wellness-based resilience and encourage stress-reduction in clients with T2DM. After years of raised blood glucose levels, the relative microvascular risk increases as patients A1C level increases (see chart below). Neuropathic pain is a common symptom for long-term T2DM patients and it will be ideal for our wellness formula to have supportive secondary benefits. Third, we also need a wellness formula that will not further raise blood glucose levels and may provide antidiabetic and antiglycemic effects. Fourth, patients living with T2DM often experience depression after diagnosis, which can be compounded by pain from diabetic neuropathy. Our wellness formula should support antidepressant effects if possible. Lastly, it’s important that our formula be easy to consume, as people managing long-term chronic illnesses are likely dealing with the additional stress of taking many oral or injectable medicines already.

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