Mind-body connection practices are a large and diverse group of techniques that are used to connect the mind to the physical presence of the body. They are typically administered or taught to others by a trained practitioner or teacher.

A mind-body connection focuses on:

  • The interactions among the brain, the rest of the body, the mind, and behavior
  • The ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, experiential, and behavioral factors can directly affect health.

Mind-body connections and diabetes

Mind-body practices are a great way for us to learn to listen to our bodies. This because incredibly important when you want to “check-in” with yourself and where your blood sugar level is at. Thought many people have no visible symptoms of T2DM, with a little practice it becomes easier to listen to and hear from your body. You may be able to tell if your blood sugar is lower or higher than normal. These practices can also provide other benefits including: improved sleep (very important for diabetics), reduced anxiety and depression, and enhanced endocrine system function.

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