unhealthy habits

5 Steps to Break Unhealthy Habits

Maintaining optimal health can seem daunting, but when you examine closely the lifestyles of some of the world’s healthiest people, it becomes evident that small daily rituals can make a very big difference. If you have the daily ritual of exercising vs. the daily ritual of binge eating while watching […]

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Two Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dishes!

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s that time of year again to bond with friends and family, and hopefully count your blessings and all of the wonderful things you are grateful for. It is also the season to make sure you are eating mindfully, and getting in a good amount of vegetables to […]

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weight loss

5 Tips to Maintain Weight During the Holiday Season

Weight Loss So you’ve had a glorious summer, and fall is upon you. You’re feeling great, getting in your weekly workouts, hitting your target calories, and have shed some weight or hit your body fat percentage. Just when you’d love to get comfortable, the holiday season threatens to derail all […]

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How Your Diet Affects Your Sleep

Sleep Is Powerful When you think about healthy living you may tend to focus on your diet, or exercise, and completely forget the restorative power of sleep to improve your health. In Thomas Cogan’s book The Haven of Health, which was written in 1584, he discusses the connection between foods […]

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